CA-1 Orientation Lecture Series

During the first month of the CA-1 year, residents will attend lectures Monday through Friday for two hours each day. These lectures will cover a broad range of introductory topics, and will be taught by the faculty. This series will serve as an introduction to anesthesia, and will be a good review of basic topics needed for the CA-1 year.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Airway Anatomy/Evaluation of the Patient and Pre-Operative Preperation Pharmacology – General Concepts/Gases and Vapors and Opioid and Non-Opioid Induction and Anesthetic Agents Pharmacology – Local Anesthetics/Muscle Relaxants and Reversal Agents Post-operative Period Techniques/Monitoring
General Anesthesia – Airway Management,
ASA Monitoring Standards /Intravenous Fluid Therapy
General Anesthesia –Stages and Signs Complications of Anesthesia – Etiology, Prevention and Treatment Monitored Anesthesia Care and Sedation Physics  Physics, Monitoring, and Anesthesia
Respiratory System Cardiovascular System Hematological System Intravenous Fluid Administration during Anesthesia Central/Periphrial Nervous System
Endocrine and Metabolic Systems – Nueromuscular System Gastrointestinal/Hepatic System Anatomy PD/Resident Meeting - Questions/Update Physician Impairment of Disability: Substance Abuse, Fatigue, Aging, Visual and Auditory Impairment, American Disabilities Act
Ethics/Practice Management/
Medicolegal Issues


CA-1/CA-2/CA-3 Lecture Series

From August through March, the lecture series for all residents CA-1, CA-2 and CA-3, will include weekly lectures, a monthly Morbidity and Mortality Conference, a quarterly Journal Club, a monthly Grand Rounds, and daily “Keywords” mini-lectures.

Weekly Lectures - will cover a broad range of topics and skills workshops. These lectures are taught by the residents and moderated by the faculty, and they are intended for residents and medical students. The lectures will help improve their skills and medical knowledge.

M&M – Morbidity and Mortality monthly lectures will review and discuss interesting and informative cases seen by attendings and residents. This is a perfect forum for discussing important topics such as patient safety and quality improvement.

Journal Club – will review pertinent journal articles that stimulate research and critical discussion of topics. It will also provide residents with a format to read medical literature. These are held once a quarter.

Grand Rounds – is a monthly lecture series for the entire Department of Anesthesiology including residents, faculty and CRNAs. These formal lectures will be given by a wide range of presenters, including residents and visiting professors.

Keywords – will be short 15 minute sessions that review important keywords in anesthesiology practice. This will help prepare residents for their in-training exams and board exams. These “mini-lectures” are a review of important terms that the residents will see on these exams. These lectures will cover a broad range of topics in anesthesia. Topics will be taught by residents with a faculty moderator present.


Starting in April through June, the weekly lecture series will be replaced by faculty run board review session to prepare residents for the ABA BASIC Exam, Advance Exam, and Oral Boards. These board review sessions will include Mock Oral Board prep, begining in CA-1 Year. 

Board Review Sessions - will be faculty and resident based sessions pertaining high yield material on board exams held closer to the end of the year. These reviews will focus on important topics most commonly seen on recent board examinations and will also include a review of board exam format questions from high yield Q banks, allowing all residents to be comfortable with and prepared for the boards.

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